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Accountant to the trades: What do the Trades Need from Their Accountant?

We understand your life is complicated. You are dealing with clients, cost planning projects, chasing suppliers and managing your team during the day and then estimating and winning future work during the evening.

Then there is all the paperwork; generating the invoices so that you get paid and making sure that you are fully compliant with those countless regulations.

It’s a temptation to view the running of your business as what you do in your spare time; spending hours at nights and on weekends trying to balance your books.

Perhaps you even bring in your significant other to help with the workload. This works well to start with but then you start having “those” conversations with them.

We understand the issues that you may face, and we want to help.  You don’t just need someone to sort your accounts, but you need a business ally; someone to offer proactive business advice.

What do we know?

  • Your time is valuable

Along with your expertise, your time is the most valuable commodity. The more efficient you and your business are the more likely you are at achieving your business goals.

By introducing software like Xero, receipt bank and Tradify or Booksy for Salons we can help you automate many processes thus helping you to save time, time you can spend doing the things that you actually enjoy doing!

These softwares, and the list of preferred applications will also help you to identify potential issues that may hamper you and your business.

  • You need to know your accountancy costs

You give your clients a clear project price so why shouldn’t your accountant?

The Beresfords transparent, Fair Fixed Fee Promise means that you will not have any surprises. You can budget with confidence knowing your bill will stay the same each month.

  • You need to be compliant

Governments and tax departments are committed to maximising their potential tax yield and consequently looking to regulate the cash economy.

We can help you bring your paperwork up to the level required to be complaint. Whether your bookkeeping is behind, or if you are behind with your filings or paying your tax we can help.  Being up to date, or having a plan to get up to date, will help you sleep at night and bring those stress levels down.

  • You want a point of (available) contact

Out of nowhere you have a question.  It needs answering. You don’t email.

We understand how frustrating it is if you cannot get hold of the people you pay who could answer that question. That is why a member of our team will be available for you to talk to.  Our fees cover Ad-Hoc advice, so rest assured you will not be charged for any additional advice over the phone.

  • You need to know where your money is going

You work hard. Orders are coming in. Yet you still don’t have money in your bank account, and even worse, you have a tax bill or those wages and Subcontractor payments to make on Friday.

We will help you systemise your business so that you can quickly identify how much money you have tied up in stock, what your debtor days are like (How long people take to pay), your current VAT bill and, using real time cloud-based software, what your tax liability is likely to be.  We can even implement a system that automatically emails those customers who have not paid with a “friendly reminder”.

  • You don’t want unnecessary frills

No one likes paying for things they don’t need.

We appreciate that you may not be the next Richard Branson (Though that might be nice!). You want the best lifestyle for you, your family and your team.

Our packages take this into account and include regular business review meetings: To make sure you are getting what you need and nothing more.  And when the time comes that you want to scale up your business, we will be on hand to help you through these times, ensuring that your scaling is manageable.

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